The Sounds of Georgiana and Kitty

by Northlight Theatre

“Marti Lyons’s production, particularly the music by Christopher Kriz which holds such a central role in the love story, is impeccable.” – The Chicago Reader


In Georgiana and Kitty: Christmas at Pemberley, music becomes almost another character as the two sisters challenge a woman’s place in the musical world. Christopher Kriz, Sound Designer and Composer, brought the sounds of Pemberley to life this year. Chris is a five-time Jeff Award winner and you’d be hard-pressed to find a theatre in Chicago that he hasn’t designed for!


Chris says, “In writing the score for Georgiana and Kitty, I knew that I wanted to write for a full orchestral palette to contrast with the few bits of piano that Georgiana plays (composed and played by Jenny Giering). So I began composing in a general 19th-century style, taking a few theatrical liberties here and there.  Since the play is set during the holidays,  I peppered in 1 or 2 subtle references to holiday tunes just for flavor.  But mostly I was just supporting the comedy and joy of the play.  All of the orchestral music is played and recorded by myself using sample-based instruments and multi-track recording on my computer.”


A photo of Christopher Kriz’s basic studio setup where he creates his original compositions.


Hear more of Chris’s music and his entire composition for Georgiana and Kitty here!