Northlight Theatre is deeply grateful to the following contributors for their generous support.

Corporations, Foundations, and government Agencies

Principal Sponsors
$50,000 and Above
Illinois Arts Council
Pritzker Foundation
The Offield Family Foundation
The Shubert Foundation, Inc.

Premiere Sponsors
$20,000 – $49,999
The Field Foundation of Illinois
Paul M. Angell
Family Foundation

Executive Sponsors
BMO Harris Bank
Bulley & Andrews
The Harold & Mimi Steinberg
     Charitable Foundation
Mammel Family Foundation
Modestus Bauer Foundation

Presenting Sponsors
Byline Bank
Dr. Scholl Foundation
Eckenhoff Saunders
     Architects, Inc.
Full Circle Foundation
Grumman Butkus Associates
Hagerty Consulting
John R Halligan
Charitable Fund
Northwestern University
Tom Stringer
Design Partners

Lead Sponsors
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
Mabadi Realty
The Weatherlow Foundation

$1,000 – $2,499
Edward Jones
Greenstate Credit Union
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
John J. Cahill Inc.
Mather LifeWays
The Merion
Quarles & Brady LLP
Romano Wealth Management
Schuler Shook Theatre
     Planners / Lighting
The Lundstrom Family
Vi at the Glen
Women for Evanston Youth

Under $1,000
Aristotle Foundation
Exelon Corporation
Let Them Eat Candles
The Saints
Vintage Frills
Wines For Humanity

Northlight Visionaries Circle

$25,000 and Above
Charles Allen
Freddi Greenberg and
     Dan Pinkert
The Sullivan Family

$10,000 – $24,999
Graham Allen
Mary and Jim Allen
The Cless Family Foundation
Paul Epner and Janet
     Gans Epner
Donna and Gene Frett
Nan and Wally Greenough
Tiffany and Tobi Laczkowski
Mark and Kathy McCarville
Bob Regan and Cindy Clark
Greg and Anne Taubeneck
Gifford Zimmerman

$5,000 – $9,999
Erik Anderson
Judith Artwick
John & Linda Baker
Anne Berkeley
Carole Cahill
Diana Cohen and
     David Spitulnik
Patricia and James Corirossi
Robert and Chie Curley
Linda and Alexander Darragh
Howard Dubin
Susan Mabrey Gaud
Reetu Gowdar Sanders and
     Will Sanders
Kim and Kirk Hoopingarner
BJ Jones and Candy Corr
Suzanne and Dan Kanter
Paul Lehman and
     Ronna Stamm
Leslie and Paul Lehner
Blythe McGarvie
Joanell and Jim McKenna
Judy Newton
William & Eleanor Revelle
Rahul and Anuradhika Roy
Keith and Ann Sarpolis
Thomas D. Stringer and
     Scott E. Waller
Mark Tendam and Neal Moglin
Seth Weinberger and
     Barbara Goodman
Linda and Payson Wild

$2,500 – $4,999
David Abrams and Cynthia
     Bemis Abrams
Vickie and Tim Burke
Marcia Caulkins
Julie and Josh Chernoff
Jennifer Christensen
R Bert Crossland
Dave and April Deming
James and Pam Elesh
Timothy and Jane Evans
L. Klug and B. Farrelly
Neil and Marge Gambow
Craig Golden and Michal

J. Douglas and Marion
Steve Hagerty and
     Lisa Altenbernd
Cameron and Emily Jones
Diana H. King
Bob and Barb McCullough
Carol and Steve Mullins
Jackie Quern
Michele Y. Rogers
Sara and Horst Schastok
Mike Slavik
Ingrid and William Stafford
Neal and Trimmy Stamell
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Swanson
Elizabeth Tisdahl
Cathy Tschannen, MD.
Dr. Eric and Cynthia

$1,000 – $2,499
Anonymous (3)
Susan and David Abraham
Dorit Adler
Kenneth Arenberg and
     Susanne Swisher
Ken and Nancy Arlen
Rita Bailey
Susan Barret-Kelly and
     Peter M. Kelly
Carole Bass
Karl Berolzheimer
Patricia and Edward Blumen
Larry and Mary Boeder
Jan Bowers and Will Linder
Edward J Bradley
Deborah and Thomas Brejcha
Jason Brett
Bill and Marea Brichta
Mike Brody and Libby Ester
Julie Bromley
Margo and Paul Brown
Michael and Joan Callahan
Joe Cappo
Joyce Chelberg
Dennis and Franny Clarkson
Brad and Ana Couri
The Reverend Alicia and
     Mr. James Crawford
Nancy M. Cunniff
Barb and Michael Davis
Max and Beth Boosalis Davis
Cliff and Rachel Demero
Robert M. Easter and Linda
     Brennan Easter
Susan Eddington
JD Eisner, M.D.
Daniel and Nancy Engel
Betsy S. Engelman
Leslie Farmer
Drs. Wes and Diane Fisher
Margaret and Joe Flanagan
Kimberly Freeland
Willard A Fry, M.D.
Bryna and Edward P. Gamson
John & Patsy Grady
Guy and Joan Gunzberg
Del and Ginger Hall
Brenda Hansen
Paul and Mary Ann Harvey
Dorothy Harza
Tom and Jan Hazlett

Helen Hilken
Joyce and Rich Hirsch
Thomas and Gail Hodges
Janet & Brian Hoffman
Louise A Holland
Sarah Krepp and Carter Howard
Colleen Hughes and
     Donald Rothschild
Ann and Bernie Jennett
Dan and Michelle Jordan
Susan Karol and Glenn Warning
Renee Katten
Dr. Claudia Anne Katz
Anne Jacobson and
     Rick Kolsky
Brenda Lee and Jeff Kang
Michael Lippitz
Ruth Lovingood
David and Catherine Lynch
Bonnie and Jay Lytle
Sally and Darush Mabadi
Dennis Marino
Adele and Roland Martel
Eric and Kate Mattson
Michael McQuillen
Marcia Mead Stillerman
Linnea and John Mead
Robert and Linda Meyers
Carolyn Michel and
Howard Millman
Margaret Moses
Ellen K. Munro
Jonathan and Christine Nieuwsma
John T. Nolan
M. J. O’Brien Family
Barbara and Daniel O’Keefe
Kathy Fredricks Oswald
Sonia Pennant Noble
Jeff and Liz Perlman
Andrew Porte
Brogan Ptacin
Barbara Putta
Sandra Rau
Catherine and Bart Rocca
Richard Rosenberg
Anthony Burt and Karin Reutzel
Sue and Tim Salisbury
Cliff Saper and Christy Bowman
Debby and Tim Schmid
Lee and Debbie Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sevcik
Ellen Simon
Lynne Simon
Scott and Stacy Simpson
Janet Carl Smith and
     Mel Smith
William E. and Janice
    K. Smith
Dr. Rhonda Stein and
     Dr. Ed Smolevitz
Louise A. Sunderland
Will and Jenni Suvari
Dave and Shirley Ter Molen
Michele Thompson
Rob Topping
Joyce Anne Wainio and
     John Fulcher
Hugh and Connie Williams
Bonny Wilson
Cindy Wilson and Chip Peters
Robert and Carol Wooldridge

Individual Annual Fund Donors

$500 – $999
Anonymous (4)
Susan and David Abraham
Sheldon & Gela Altman
Michael and Cecilia
Peggy Bagley and Rabbi
     Douglas Goldhamer
Cindy Barbera-Brelle
Ken Belcher and
     Sandra Ihm
Kathleen M Bell
Laurice Bell
Meera Bhatia
John and Jennifer Bienko
Heidi Bloom
Robert and Sara Brenner
Pam Cardoni
Ron and Mary Charles
Lynn & Robert Clark
Mary and Dick Clark
Frederick and Elizabeth
Dr. John and Nina Cudecki
Susan and David Curry
John R. Dainauskas, MD
Daniel Derman
Jeananne Digan and
     Chris Doherty
Mary Dolan and
     David Haracz
Joan and Kevin Evanich
Bess Evans and Dan
Diane and Paolo Fellin
Robert Felsenthal
Robert and Maurita Freas
State Rep. Robyn Gabel
Denise Michelle Gamble
Tas and Liz Ganitopoulos
Michael and Donna Lee
Charles Gerace and Brigid
      Duffy Gerace
Yvette Gideon and Rodger
Steve and Anne Gilford
Gloria and Frederick Gleave
Nancy Godinez
Catherine Hayden
David Hays
Don and Betsy Hohman
James M. Holland
Kathleen and Hal Jenkins
Scott and Marcy Johnson
Jack Kaplan and Marian
Linda Karn
Jacki and Shelly Kimel
Angela Lee
Elaine and Steve Lev
Judy and Stephen Levin
Kenneth Lewandowski
Roy and Pam Lobenhofer
Jan Loew
Holly and Edward S. Mann
Michelle and Jim Marvin
Bradford Matson
Amy May and Larry
Linnea and John Mead
Sheila Medvin
Barbara and Ed Mills
Mary Lou Mockus
Brian Montgomery
     and Laura Armstrong
Kevin Mott
Janet Mullet
Susan Munro
Robert J Lawrence
Jordan and Jean Nerenberg
Cheryl O’Brien
Tom O’Hare
Dan Paul and Edward
Heidi and Greg Peterson
Mitchell-Beverly Peterson
Merril Prager and John
Tracy Quattrocki and
     Neal Brady
Norman and Helene Raidl
Charles and Catherine
Holly and David Reynolds
Peter and Clare
Toby and Penelope Sachs
Joan Safford
Anne Saywitz
Roche Schulfer and
     Mary Beth Fisher
Lee and Ann Shapiro
Margaret and Alan
Craig Smith
Lauren and Steve Strelsin
Dorothy & Casmir
Andrew Thomas
James Thompson
David & Carolyn Utech
Patti and Brian Van Cleave
Catherine Vollick
William and Kathleen
Margie and Mark Zivin

$250 – $499
Anonymous (2)
Judy Ball
Harold and Karen Bauer
Herb and Jane Beller
Daniel K. Biss
Patrice Frey and Wally
Donald Bouseman
Lisa Bullard-Cawthorne
Isela Calabrese
Catherine and Tom Carr
Leah Chernoff
Fay Clayton
Bradley and Jennifer
Jennifer Cole and
     Gul Agha
Judy Cottle
Steve Coven
Mary and Dan Cox
Mary Anne Diehl and
     James Kauffman
Peter and Vicki Donati
Edith Fessler
Sarah and Brian Flax
William and Lynda
Kevin and Kathleen
Elza and John Garnett
Elisabeth and Robert
Virginia Gerst
Paul Gillen
Kendal Gladish
Sharon Glazer
Craig Grannon
Teresa Grodsky
Joanna and Don Gwinn
Ardath Hamann
Emily and Kevin Hansen
Jeff and Jennifer Harris
Charles and Elizabeth
Patricia H. Heidkamp
Thomas and Virginia Helm
Barbara Hermansen
Lucy Hoblitzelle &
     Paul Shattuk

Elizabeth Holding
Don Honchell and
    Susan Horn
Jackie & Bill Leuter
Douglas and Kathy
Mary Jo Kanady
Martin and Susanne
Lynn Kelso
Dennis and Barbara
Chris and Dave Konys
Mark Kotz
Renee Krupp
Jeanne Lindwall
Terri and Michael Lipsitz
Sherry and Mel Lopata
Charlene Marcus
Mari Marrinan
Lisa Miceli
Robert Minkus
David Mordini and Jerome
Robert and Sandra Morgan
John Murphy
Michael and Kathleen Nash
Jamin and Phoebe Nixon
Wallace and Sarah Oliver
Tom and Cathy Omundson
Barry O’Neil
Tanya Palmer
Dr. Thomas and Jan Pavlovic
Carol Prieto
Sandi Riggs
Virginia Russell
Bruce Sagan and Bette
Cerf Hill
Jill and Paul Schoenwetter
Marybeth Schroeder
Scott and Jill Seltzer
Gil Sharon
Nancy Silberman
Gerri Sizemore
Jeanne Smith
Julie Staple
Fredric and Nikki Will Stein
Christopher and Catherine
Peg Sullivan
Karen Usiskin
Tony Valukas
Lisa and Randy White
Don Wiener and
     Mike Thallmer
Maureen “Moe” Yanes
Robert Young
Dr. Alan Zunamon

$100 – $249
Anonymous (3)
Allan Alson
Kris Anderson
Charles Arndt
Linda and Randy Balla
Carol Barnett
Lou and Louise Barnett
Anne and Charles Bartling
Charles Bartling
Sara and Billy Belkov
Charles Bennett
Joan Berger
Roy Bergstrom
Ellen & Marvin Bero
Linda Bierig
Lisa Bloom
Judith and Peter Bordwell
Kathy and Bob Braasch
Norma Braude
Samuel and Beth Buchsbaum
Rev. Daniel P. Buck
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Burden
Pat and Mike Cafferata
Bret Caldwell
Leasha and Joel Carp
Beth Casey and
Michael Franzese
Melanie and Robert Cody
Sally Cooper
John Culbert
Gerald and Diane Cuzelis
Ellen Daniel
Cara Joy David
Dana Deane
Barbara and Peter DeBerge
Jil Deheeger
John Dyble
Jennifer Edgcomb
Noreen Edwards &
     Mark Metz
Carol Ekman
Janet Elkins
Karen L. Erickson and
     James D. Hughes
Jamie and Sam Evins
Fran Faller
Yvonne Fogerty
Carolyn Gallogly
Lynn Gendleman
Dedre Gentner
Jean Gershuny
Carol and Jeff Glassroth
Anneliese and Howard
Cookie Gluck
Ethel and Bill Gofen
Roberta Goldberg
Diane Goldring
Kenneth B Green
Alex Greenough
Howard Grossman
Bruce Amsterdam and
     Ilene Grossman
Mary Ann and David
Sharon Hahn
John and Suzanne Hales
Jeffrey Hatcher
Rosemary Heilemann
Pete and Jean Henderson
Troy and Kristin Henikoff
Nancy Hirschfield
Ellen Hoffman
Mary Hojnacki
Ellen Horan
Antoinette Houk
Lynn Hughitt and
     James Shaeffer
Karen and Andy Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Laurie Kabb
Mr. and Mrs. L. Kalisz
Jerome & Mary Kaltman
Michael and Rhoda Kamin
Susan Kane
Dr. Morris A. & Celia F.
     Kaplan Foundation
Howard and Karen Kaplan
Lori and Gary Kash
Ted Katz and Nisa Kaplan
Timothy Allen Keiderling
Kenneth Kemp
Thomas Kenney
Taya Kinzie
Allan and Tanya Klasser
Josephine Kneer
John and Lindy Knoepke
Peggy Kreisman
Valerie Krejcie
Valerie Kretchmer
Gilbert and Carolyn Krulee
Margaret Kubasiak
Ed and Candace
Eileen LeFort
Christine Lehmann
Grace and Richard Lehner
Harold Levine
Julie and David Levine
Maria Liccardo

David and Carol Liner
Bill and Wendy Lipsman
Joe and Terri Long
Karen Marcus
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence
Daniel Mason
Bridget McDonough
Maureen McGrath
Irving Miller
Sarah J. Miller
Fran Moeckler
Susan Mullen
Karen Mynard Vergara and
     Humberto Vergara
Ron and Mary Nahser
Lawrence Neal and
     Dawn Neal
Betsy Nelson
Ginny Noyes
Gladys Nutt
Richard O’Brien
Jennifer O’Neil
Susan Pappas
Kurt Peters
Terry and Nancy Phillips
Don and Martha Pollak
Shelley Powell
V Pristera Jr.
Jay Raval and Sheel Raval
Bonnie J Ray
Charles and Colleen
Barbara Rittenhouse and
     Frank Putrino
Marjorie Rogasner
Carmen Roman
David and Nancy Sarne
Suzanne Sawada
The Scherer Family
Diane Schmidt
Roy Schmidt
Stephen Schwartz and
     Lynne Hornig
David and Rose Seidman
Margot Sersen
Kimberly Shanks
Jan and Art Sherman
Anne Shimojima
Marv and Rachel Siegel
Bob and Lisa Silverman
Bob and Debbie
Nancy Simpson
Charles and Pamela Smith
Oehme and Winslow
Alvin and Kate Spector
Michael Spitulnik
Rebecca Staehlin
Corrine Strobel
Bob and Anne Sullivan
Kay Tabin
Martin Till
Laura Tilly and
     Derek Cottier
Betsy E. Tolstedt
Dennis Trautvetter
Dave and Bev Urschel
Mike and Betsy Waller
Mary and Gary Walther
Mary Watt
Mark and El Weisbard
Catherine Westphal
Diane & Sandy Whiteley
Victoria Wilson
Aaron Winer
Cheryl Wollin
Mike and Judy Zawacke
Susie Zelinsky
Carol Zimmerman

AIR Aerial Fitness
Bien Assorti
Mayor Daniel Biss
Bill and Marea Brichta
Broadway In Chicago
Bulley & Andrews
Julie and Josh Chernoff
Chicago A Cappella
Chicago Magic Lounge
Chicago Wolves
Jeff Coney
Court Theatre
The Dearborn
Driehaus Museum
Evanston Symphony
Field Museum
Five and Dime
Four Finches
Rep. Robyn Gabel
Goodman Theatre
Grateful Yoga
J. Douglas Gray
JW Landscapes, LLC
Kim and Kirk
BJ Jones and Candy Corr
Bob Kopulos
Victoria Kopulos
Karen Hunt
Kohl Children’s Museum
KOVAL Distillery
The Langham
Lettuce Entertain You
Lincoln Park Zoo
Metropolis Performing Arts Centre
Neal Moglin and Mark Tendam
Music Theater Works
North Shore Distillery
Paramount Theatre
Paul Epner and
     Janet Gans Epner
Pilates Connection
Prairie Grass Café
PRP Wine International
Bob Regan and
     Cindy Clark
Revolution Brewing
The Salt Shed
Rep. Jan Schakowsky
Shinsen Flat Top Grill
Sketchbook Brewing
Skokie Park District
Sloan Valve Company
Stacked & Folded
Steppenwolf Theatre
Kent and Lora Swanson
Sweet Greek’s Sweet Treats
Tag’s Bakery
Thomas & Dutch
Trio Hair Salon
Vin Chicago
Vintage Frills
Wines for Humanity
Writers Theatre

The DoubleTree Hotel
Bennisons Bakery
Core and Rind Hospitality
Gigio’s Pizzeria
Hecky’s Barbeque
Koi Fine Asian Cuisine
and Lounge
Revolution Brewing
Sweet Greek’s
Sweet Treats
Union Squared Pizza