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Lines are blurred when a landlady and tenant find that "getting ahead" and friendship don't always mix. Playing to April 20.


A self-made landlord and her new tenant strike up a complicated relationship in this compelling world premiere. Now Playing!

Into the Breeches!

In 1942 with the men off at war, the women of the Oberon Play House forge ahead to prove that the show not only must, but will go on!

Announcing Next Season

Drawing from literature, music, history, and mystery, next season focuses on the power of theatre to celebrate, to embolden, and to inspire!

Take A Look

Landlord Marti (Shanesia Davis) shows her potential new tenant Christine, (Leah Karpel) the best of her apartment... and the things that give it character.

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Newcity's 50 Players of 2019

Artistic Director BJ Jones and Executive Director Tim Evans make Newcity's list of Top 50 Players in 2019 for leading "one of the premiere destinations for theater in the Midwest."

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