Who is Your Hero?

by Northlight Theatre

Mother of the Maid tells the story of Joan of Arc’s mother, the unsung hero of Joan’s life.

We asked everyone coming to the show to participate in creating a wall of unsung heroes in the Northlight lobby. Here are some of the people our patrons chose to recognize:

  • Toni Morrison
  • Cokie Roberts
  • My amazing sister, who raises three kids with so much love
  • Casey Morris (the actor who plays Pierre d’Arc in Mother of the Maid)
  • My parents, who support me! (and my cat!)
  • My wife, Barb, who has been my rock through life and surgery
  • Mandela
  • The Saints (volunteer ushers)
  • My cat sitter, Graciela


Join us for Mother of the Maid, and let us know who the unsung heroes are in your life.