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2017-2018 Season

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The Legend of Georgia McBride

Chicago Premiere

September 14 - October 22

When a drag show takes over the entertainment at the Florida Panhandle bar, a down-on-his-luck Elvis impersonator does what it takes to keep his job – including stepping into some high heels. This heartwarming, music-filled comedy celebrates the unexpected path to finding your true voice.

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The Book of Will

Midwest Premiere

November 9 - December 17

Armed with wit, humor, a deep camaraderie and a passion to preserve the plays that shaped their lives, the members of Shakespeare’s own company cunningly navigate the production of the 1623 First Folio.

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Skeleton Crew

Midwest Premiere

January 25, 2018 - March 3, 2018

At the start of the Great Recession, workers at one of the last auto plants in Detroit confront the life-altering choices they must make if their plant goes under. When pushed to the limits of survival, how far over the lines are people willing to cross?

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The Beauty Queen of Leenane

March 15 - April 22, 2018

Forty-year-old spinster Maureen Folan lives with her manipulative aging mother Mag, stuck in a caretaking relationship that has them both seething with resentment. When a romantic encounter finally sparks Maureen’s hopes for an escape, Mag’s interference sets in motion a chain of events that is as tragically funny as it is terrifying.

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Cry It Out

Chicago Premiere

May 10 - June 17, 2018

Cooped up on maternity leave and eager for conversation, neighbors Jessie and Lina start meeting for coffee and quickly bond over their shared “new mom” experience. This insightful comedy takes an honest look at the absurdities and challenges of new parenthood.

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