Want to get involved in Northlight’s Education and Community Engagement Program?


Participate in our programming both in school and at Northlight Theatre. Students can work directly with accomplished professional artists–actors, designers, directors–through our professional artists through our Artist Engagement workshops.


Sponsor a Residency, Drama Club or Field Trip. Many schools lack funding to provide quality arts programming to their students, consider sponsoring a participating school in need. For as little as $150, you can provide 10 students the opportunity to see their first professional show.


Connect Northlight to your schools. We strive to be a community anchor to the North Shore area and extend our reach into Chicago. Help us start a conversation with your school about how and why Northlight should become an arts partner.



There are many documented benefits to arts integrated instruction:

The arts prepare students for success in school and are proven to boost literacy and English Language Arts, engage students in school and motivate them to learn, develops critical thinking, and improve school culture.

The arts prepare students for success in work by equipping students to be creative, strengthening problem-solving ability, building collaboration and communication skills, increasing capacity for leadership.

The arts prepare students for success in life by strengthening perseverance, facilitating cross-cultural understanding, building community, supporting civic engagement, and fostering creative community.