Contributing with Creativity

by Northlight Theatre

We’re grateful for the ongoing positive support from our community, including this combination of creativity and generosity. Evanstonian Josh Chernoff and his wife Julie have been involved with Northlight for almost 20 years. A current Advisory Council member, Josh shared:

“Julie’s and my commitment to Northlight goes back a long way. Trimmy Stamell  suggested I join the board in the early 2000s and I served for about 8 years, learning to love the staff, the leadership and the art. I transitioned off the board and Julie joined 4 years ago. I am still actively engaged in the Advisory Council. So, our family’s involvement has been pretty intense for almost 20 years.

“When the coronavirus disruption struck Illinois, we were, like everyone else, bereft about the impact on our community, our family and our friends. I started to think about what we might do to contribute to the community. Aside from buying gift certificates to temporarily closed local merchants, we were actively thinking about other ways to help out. We were keenly aware of the impact on Northlight, especially in the middle of a capital campaign.

“I know how to sew and have a well-stocked quilting studio, and last week, when it became more evident that people should routinely wear masks in public, I decided to try making some from my on-hand supplies. I posted something about it on Facebook and was met with amazing interest from friends and family. People offered to pay embarrassing amounts for masks since there is such short supply; I suggested instead that they donate to Northlight and sent people a link to the website. 100+ masks later and over $1000 in donations to Northlight, I’ve shipped to 7 states and provided masks for local family and friends. It’s what my grandmother would call ‘a double mitzvah.’ While I’m at my limit for what I can personally sew, I encourage others to find ways to contribute to our community in creative ways. Our neighbors need us; Northlight needs us.”

Josh Chernoff making masks in his home studio
Artistic Director BJ Jones wearing a Chernoff-made mask