Pursuing True North

by Northlight Theatre

True North is a fixed point in a spinning world that helps you stay on course. It is an internal compass, derived from deeply held beliefs and values, representing who you are at your deepest level.

In the ever-changing, spinning world we’re all navigating, Northlight has continued to pursue our True North: to encourage compassion, broaden perspectives, and to utilize theatre in all of its facets to transform our community.

If you’re familiar with our work onstage alone, you’ve been seeing only a part of our story! Northlight has a long-standing commitment to dynamic education, engagement, and outreach initiatives – programs which have been adapted and expanded throughout this year.

We’ll be using this e-newsletter to send you True North updates, featuring the programs that exemplify an ongoing commitment to our community. We invite you to get started by reading the highlights of our spring and summer programs.

We eagerly await the day we can safely reopen our doors to entertain and interact with you in person. Meanwhile, True North persists – join the pursuit to discover how theatre brings our community together in new and different ways!