While the ghost light is keeping our stage warm, we’re keeping you intensely entertained at home.

At Home with BJ

Backstage with BJ goes digital! In this online discussion series, Artistic Director BJ Jones chats with artists from our upcoming 2020-21 Season and delves into their artistic work.

BJ chats with Director Rob Lindley and Actor Bethany Thomas on about Songs for Nobodies:

David Catlin and Michael Hollinger Share Mr. Dickens’ Hat:

Hear from the creators of The Lifespan of a Fact:



We’ve seen the penguins exploring the Shedd Aquarium and SUE enjoying her home at the Field Museum, but we’re not quite sure how this flamingo found his way to Northlight! In any case, we’re glad to see he appears to be an arts lover.


Finish the Line

You’re a contestant on Northlight’s Finish the Line! Play along in this video and finish the lines from some of Northlight’s favorite productions.


Inspiration station

In this photo series, we’re looking back and reflecting on quotes from past productions.