Camp Luna Pines Radio Play

by Northlight Theatre

At Fairview South Middle School in Skokie, our Northlight On Campus program was just one week away from their final performance when shelter-in-place began!  They adapted the original show into a radio play.

Scroll down and click on SCRIPT if you’d like to read the play or follow along while you listen.


Fairview South Middle School & Northlight Theatre Presents…

Camp Luna Pines The Radio Play

Part 1

Part 2


Welcome to the Camp Luna Pines Scavenger Hunt! It’s Lillian’s first night of camp and she’s already hearing ghost stories. Join her and her team as they work to solve the riddles, find the clues, and collect the items to try and win this year’s Crescent Cup.

Written & Directed by Matt Farabee
Assistant Director … Megan Gray
Special Thanks to Mike Lopatka, Colleen Larken, and Jenn Udoni Sharp

Lillian… Leah
Adi… Audrey
Athena… Kiki
Gia… Michael
Nicolas… Nolan
Mustafa… Counselor Robb
Megan… Kate
Matt… Counselor Bobb