Join us for the show, and stay after the performance for a glimpse into the real-life stories that inspired the character of Taroon, including those of the many Afghan interpreters who worked with the US military over the past few decades. Panelists will explore how Selling Kabul resonates with current events, connecting the Kabul we see in the play to Chicago’s Afghan community today.



  • Diane Bou Khalil: Community Engagement Reporter, Borderless Magazine
  • Mohammad Salehi: Former Afghan US Army Interpreter and Founder, Heray Spice
  • Sahar Sediqi: Cultural Consultant and Dramaturg, Selling Kabul
  • Kayenat Bahadu (co-moderator)
  • Kristen Waagner: Artistic Programs Manager (co-moderator)

WHEN: February 9, 2024, immediately following the 7:30 pm performance of Selling Kabul

TICKETS: A ticket will be required to enter the venue beyond the Box Office vestibule area, entrance to the lobby is not permitted without a ticket. If you are attending the discussion without a ticket to Selling Kabul, please fill out this form and look for a Northlight Staff Member in the lobby vestibule upon your arrival for your ticket to the discussion.

at Northlight Theatre
9501 Skokie Boulevard, Skokie, IL 60077


Diane Bou Khalil


Diane Bou Khalil is a Lebanese-American journalist and writer based in Chicago. She is the community engagement reporter for Borderless Magazine, an award-winning immigration news outlet. Her reporting has covered art, culture, policy and asylum — her passion for storytelling ties in with her interest in research, migration, and social behavior. Diane lived in Lebanon before moving to Chicago to earn her BA in sociology from Northeastern Illinois University and MA in international studies from DePaul University.

Mohammad Salehi


Mohammad Salehi is the passionate Founder and Co-Owner of Heray Spice, dedicated to transforming lives through sustainable agriculture. A former Afghan US Army Interpreter from Herat, Afghanistan. Mohammad immigrated to the USA in 2014, driven by a desire to create positive change in his homeland. In 2017, he founded Heray Spice with a mission to empower Afghan farmers by cultivating saffron and promoting economic independence. Mohammad’s leadership and commitment to ethical sourcing have earned Heray Spice recognition for its exceptional quality saffron. With a vision to showcase Afghanistan’s agricultural richness and resilience, Mohammad continues to champion sustainable practices and community uplifting.

Sahar Sediqi


Sahar Sediqi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and developed a passion for psychology during her studies in her home country. Currently a college student in Chicago, she is dedicated to understanding the human mind and emotions. Sahar is an aspiring writer and critical thinker, using her skills to advocate for immigrants while embracing their unique cultural narratives. With a kind heart and a penchant for delving into literature, she finds solace in reading, writing stories, and exploring the rich tapestry of human culture and stories.