Our Philosophy:

Northlight utilizes theatre in its broadest capacity to act as a conduit between us and our community. Our programs fulfill self-identified needs within that community using applicable theatre skills and resources. These dynamic engagement and outreach initiatives align with Northlight’s mission of reflecting our community to the world and the world to our community.

Northlight Theatre’s education programming is built on the belief that self-expression, creative thought, and confidence are the keys to well-being.  We believe the arts teach these skills by encouraging reflective thought, discipline, and collaboration.


Our Partnerships:

Northlight has customized partnerships with local organizations including YWCA Evanston/North Shore, Y.O.U., Family Focus, Evanston Scholars, Youth Jobs Center, Levy Senior Center Foundation, CJE SeniorLife, Roseland Village Interdependent Collaborative (VIC), and Skokie Public Library. Programs are tailored for each organization, and use theatre skills and activities for purposes such as building confidence, teaching self-care, or addressing community concerns.

Northlight provides free tickets to our partner organizations through our Arts for Everyone initiative.

Northlight’s Youth Council, the NLYC, is comprised of North Shore and Chicago teens who act as Northlight ambassadors within their peer community, while learning about all facets of professional theatre.

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